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We have a special fondness for the Greenwood neighborhood. And there's lots of happy pet owners we serve in Greenwood. So, it looks like the feeling's mutual!

This North Seattle neighborhood is happy home lots of awesome dogs and cats -- and the families that love them. If you're wondering who you can trust with your furry family member, just know this: we love them, too!

If you need someone to stop by and walk your dog whire you're at work, give us a call. If you're heading out of town and need dog or cat sitting, we're ready to help. Sniff Seattle is Greenwood's favorite for dog walking and pet sitting.

Dog Walking Greenwood, Golden Retriever, Dog Walkers 98103, 98117 And our track-record is ... perfect. 100% reliability. Call us today at (206) 478-5183. We're standing by to give you Greenwood's #1 pet care.

Sniff Seattle's Greenwood dog walking and pet sitting services. Exceptional care at affordable rates from passionate pet professionals. Licensed, bonded and insured.