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January 19, 2015

Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday Is Back!

Stewie The Pug, Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday, Seattle Seahawks

Sniff Seattle is giving away free dog walks on January 30 (Photo by Greg Valentine)

We'll make this short and sweet. Hey, it only took the Seahawks five minutes to win the NFC Championship Game. Surely, we can get this said in a couple paragraphs. (Although, that was probably the greatest five minutes in the history of minutes.)

Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday is back! Yep. That means FREE DOG WALKS on Friday, January 30 for every one of our doggy clients showing their love for our Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawks.

Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday, Free Dog Walks, Dog In Seahawks Jersey It works like this. We show up for your dog walk. We see your dog wearing some Seahawks stuff. Your walk that day is FREE! Naturally, there's a little bit of small print — which you'll find below where small print usually lives.

We did this last year on the Friday before Super Bowl. And, we all know how that turned out. :-)

Amazing game yesterday, Seahawks. Now, onward to Arizona to finish the job! #GoHawks

The Small Print: This offer is for existing clients of Sniff Seattle who receive regularly-scheduled dog walking service on Fridays. If you're a client who normally gets two or more walks a day, only one will be free (darn). The more-expensive walk will be the free one (yay!). To get your free dog walk, your dog should be wearing Seahawks gear or team colors. A totally awesome, tricked-out Seahawks-themed kennel or similar creativity will also be accepted.

Posted by Jeanna From Sniff Seattle & Greg Valentine

November 17, 2014

And The 'BEST Dog Walker' Is...

Sniff Seattle BEST Dog Walker, Sniff Seattle BEST Pet Sitting, 2014 Best Of Western Washington

Hey, we got some fantastic news this weekend! Let me introduce you to the people on our amazing team who made it possible. Then, I'll tell you what they've accomplished.

Angelia, Aziza, Caitlin, Caren, Emi, Erin, Hope, Jenny, Kelly, Kelsey, Lauren, Linden, Maxine, Mackenzie, Melissa, Molly, Monica, Morgan, Sabrina, Seth, Stef, Victoria, Zach, and new teammates Amy, Eileen and Niki.

"Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." ~ Andrew Carnegie

So, here's the big news. Voters have once again picked Sniff Seattle as BEST Dog Walker in the Best of Western Washington from KING 5 TV's Evening Magazine!

Teamwork Quotes, Togetherness For Me Means Teamwork, Walt Disney Quotes This is the third year in a row we've won this award. I'm starting to run out of words to describe how we feel. Grateful and honored are a couple that come to mind. And, inspired to work even harder.

Our team also tops the BEST Pet Sitting category for the second consecutive year.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." ~ Helen Keller

I want to take a moment to thank all our wonderful clients. Thank you for voting. Your support and passion is incredible. We truly appreciate you! We work hard. We love what we do. It's a privilege to serve you.

Thanks again for making Sniff Seattle the region's most-honored dog walking and pet care service over the last five years in the Best of Western Washington.

Posted by Jeanna From Sniff Seattle

April 4, 2011

Top Ten List: Signs You're A Dog Lover

Sniff Seattle Bellevue Dog Walkers, Top Ten List, Signs You're A Dog Lover

Does this list describe you? You're not alone! (Photo by SleepyJeanie/Flickr)

There are dog lovers. And then, there are dog lovers! Here's a list we put together: "Top Ten Signs You're A Dog Lover."

#10 - Most days you have a "glistening" on your face from dried doggy kisses.

#9 - You haven't seen your own doctor in years. But the vet? Last week!

#8 - You make a point to sit scrunched in the corner of the couch so your dog can be comfortable.

#7 - You reach into your pocket hoping to find a breath mint. But, no. It's a doggy treat.

#6 - No matter how hot or extremely cold it is, you roll down the car window so your furry friend can hang his head out.

#5 - Your best conversations are with your dog.

#4 - There are about 32 squeaky toys laying around your house. (Vawooo! Oops, just stepped on one!)

#3 - You sleep crowded on the corner of the bed, and would probably go to the floor if you had to so your dog could get a good night's sleep.

#2 - You're covered with almost as much dog hair as your dog! And you don't think twice about it.

#1 - You're still wearing sweatpants from your college days. Your dog? Cute new sweater!

Posted by Jeanna from Sniff Seattle

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