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January 24, 2014

Free Dog Walks From Sniff Seattle On 'Bow Wow Blue Friday'

Dog In Seahawks Jersey, Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday

Stewie the Pug's got his game gear on! (Photo by Greg Valentine/Sniff Seattle)

Hey, we've declared Friday, January 31 "Sniff Seattle's Bow Wow Blue Friday!"

That's right. Seahawks fans have been howling all season. And, all the hard work by "The 12th Man" has paid off! With The Big Game just days away, we think "The 12th Mutt" would like to show their support, too.

So, we're giving our dog walking clients free walks if their pooch is sporting some Seahawks gear when we show up at their home on Friday, January 31.

Yep. If your dog's decked out in blue and green, your walk is FREE! So, dress 'em up. Or, maybe get 'em a spiffy Seahawks dog collar. However you, er, we mean they, wanna show your, er, their love for the 'Hawks!

OK, it's true. We know more about Golden Retrievers than wide receivers. But, our tails are waggin' for the super game on Sunday, February 2 — the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos!

We're counting on seeing lots of touchdog passes by Jack Russell Wilson. And many beastly runs out of the barkfield by Marsheltie Lynch.


Sniff Seattle Seahawks Logo

Posted by Jeanna from Sniff Seattle & Greg Valentine

November 11, 2013

Best Of Western Washington Voters Choose Sniff Seattle — Twice!

Best Of Western Washington, BEST Dog Walker, BEST Pet Sitting

Sniff Seattle receives two honors in the 2013 Best of Wsetern Washington.

Before I share the big news, let me thank the wonderful people responsible: our amazing clients and supporters; and our incredible team of pet professionals!

Sniff Seattle has once again been voted BEST Dog Walker in the Best of Western Washington from KING 5's Evening Magazine. It's an honor we received last year. And this year, we also finished first in the BEST Pet Sitting category. Two for two.

It's an enormous honor and we're very appreciative. Will the awards change our day today? Well, we already do our job with a smile. Maybe those smiles will be a little bigger.

Honestly, our day today and every day in the coming year will be about the same. Fully and completely devoted to giving our furry clients the exceptional, loving care they deserve and that we're known for.

The dogs and cats we serve are our muses. They make it so easy for our team to provide the BEST pet care in the region.

Greg, Jessica and myself want to mention each team member by name. Because these two honors are the result of the stellar job they do. These awards belong to them:

Alyssa, Ashley, Barb, Barbara, Brigetta, Cheryl, Erin, Esra, Ginelle, Jade, Jen, Kaila, Kristie and Krysta.

Mackenzie, Maxine, Monica, Natasha, Nia, Rebekah, Rose, Sara S., Sarah Z., Shannon and Stef.

And, congratulations to all of the winners in the pet categories of the Best of Western Washington!

Best Of Western Washington, 2013 Pet Category Winners, Sniff Seattle

Posted by Jeanna from Sniff Seattle

April 4, 2011

Top Ten List: Signs You're A Dog Lover

Sniff Seattle Bellevue Dog Walkers, Top Ten List, Signs You're A Dog Lover

Does this list describe you? You're not alone! (Photo by SleepyJeanie/Flickr)

There are dog lovers. And then, there are dog lovers! Here's a list we put together: "Top Ten Signs You're A Dog Lover."

#10 - Most days you have a "glistening" on your face from dried doggy kisses.

#9 - You haven't seen your own doctor in years. But the vet? Last week!

#8 - You make a point to sit scrunched in the corner of the couch so your dog can be comfortable.

#7 - You reach into your pocket hoping to find a breath mint. But, no. It's a doggy treat.

#6 - No matter how hot or extremely cold it is, you roll down the car window so your furry friend can hang his head out.

#5 - Your best conversations are with your dog.

#4 - There are about 32 squeaky toys laying around your house. (Vawooo! Oops, just stepped on one!)

#3 - You sleep crowded on the corner of the bed, and would probably go to the floor if you had to so your dog could get a good night's sleep.

#2 - You're covered with almost as much dog hair as your dog! And you don't think twice about it.

#1 - You're still wearing sweatpants from your college days. Your dog? Cute new sweater!

Posted by Jeanna from Sniff Seattle

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